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‘Ukulele Mana’s primary focus is supporting music therapy, but we look to cover and highlight any and all ukulele-related charities and organizations who look to enrich others’ lives through the beautiful music of the ‘ukulele.

If you know of a charity that we don’t have on this site, please reach out using the ‘Contact Us’ page. 

The Kanikapila Project

Music has a powerful and personal impact on all of our lives. It can remind us of meaningful moments and relationships, it can affect our emotional states and it can be an invaluable tool when addressing physical or emotional challenges. Simply put, music heals, and we are dedicated to supporting those individuals and organizations committed to sharing music in clinical and non-clinical engagement and bringing comfort, aloha and wellness. Our mission is about access to music and specifically to increase access to music therapists, who’s efforts can help people as they address significant and, at times, life-threatening physical and emotional challenges.

As well, we are committed to creating aloha and connection by offering passive listening or Kanikapila; whether in a Children’s Hospital, Nursing Home, Rehabilitation Center, or any environment where music can be shared.

Music For Life Foundation

Many schools resolve their financial challenges by eliminating music and arts programs.

We, with our all-volunteer board of directors and staff, intend to assist and support music and art programs with providing musical instruments and equipment, lessons and workshop sessions from notable musicians and music educators, moderate financial support and other needed resources. 

We have a simple mission: to empower people through music. While this may seem trivial, without governmental support, many children will never be able to discover, explore and experience the joy, benefits and life-rewarding experiences and opportunities of music. Additionally, Music For Life Foundation aims to help school and communities develop sustainable music programs and activities;  for the students and for their families.

Survivor Girl Ukulele Band

Survivor Girl Ukulele Band

Bringing restoration and hope to survivors of human trafficking through the healing power of music and love.
I believe music can be a powerful tool in restoring wholeness and building hope for a better future. friends and family and kind strangers from around the world send their love to the girls, and the ukulele is fabulous little vehicle to deliver that love. i’m so thankful for the opportunity to work with these girls and give them the gift of music.

They love to learn how to play their favorite bollywood hits, but soon they will learn how to write their owns songs and find their own voice — and write the soundtrack for the movie of their own lives. its my hope and prayer that the time we share together and the skills they have gained in learning to make music with the ukulele will have dividends of joy and fun and hope and healing for years and years to come.

I also hope that the project creates more awareness that may lead to action and activism and powerful legislation against of the world-wide plague of human trafficking. because it’s not just in india that people are being bought and sold. people are being bought and sold everywhere. it’s time to get involved. this is your opportunity to “join the baaand!”


Ukulele Foundation of Hawaii

The Ukulele Foundation of Hawai`i

The Ukulele Foundation of Hawai`i is a non profit organization (501(c)3 public charity) whose primary objective is to support music in education, as well as various charities and arts throughout Hawai`i through collective interest and awareness of the ukulele.

The mission of the Foundation is to establish an ukulele museum that will facilitate social, educational and cultural activities in a friendly, Hang Loose environment that perpetuates happiness and joy of the ukulele.

Since its inception (2007), the Foundation has been pursuing its goal through following projects:

100 Ukulele Projects

We have been working with the local elementary schools, Salvation Army and Palama Settlement to be the recipient of 100 ukuleles every year. Since 2016, the Foundation has donated 200 ukuleles to these public organizations as we help broaden their understanding of ukulele music through activities included an educational workshops.

The International Ukulele Contest

The annual International Ukulele Contest has been a great stepping stone for aspiring ukulele learners here in Hawaii and around the world to bring attention to their talent as a musician and the ukulele instrument as a whole.

Ukulele Picnic in Hawai`i

Since 2009, the Foundation has been producing one of the largest ukulele events in Hawaii. This picnic style all-day long annual music event entertains audience with ukulele music performed by top musicians from Hawaii and from other countries such as Japan, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, and Australia. Also, local ukulele students will have an opportunity to show their talent in front of large audience.
The event continues to go strong, and will be celebrating its 10th year in 2018. Backed with the full support of the local ukulele industry and musicians, Ukulele Picnic in Hawai`i continues to spread the “Aloha” spirit every year with every breath sung and every string strummed. The one-day event now draws 5,000 to 6,000 visitors every year.
For 10 years, our projects have been providing educational opportunities to children and youth to learn ukulele. These children are finding friends through ukulele, and sharing happiness and joy of life with ukulele. They are also helping to build community filled with love of music. By helping children and youth to learn ukulele today, future of our lives will be enriched.

Ukulele Kids Club

We affiliate with music therapy programs around the world so they can identify children to receive the ukuleles and provide music therapy sessions to achieve a variety of health needs. This initiates the children on a path to wellness with music. As of 2022, the UKC has donated more than 12,000 ukuleles to children in hospitals around the world, including Canada, Colombia, Dominican Republic, England, Israel, Japan, D Mexico, Scotland, and all over the United States including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. In 2022 we want to reach more kids and help them use music to cope and heal.

UKC At Home helps UKC kids continue their progress on utilizing music for wellness with their new uke at home or independently. The program includes FREE access to the Resource Portal, UKC Academy classes, On-Demand Ukulele Lessons with Uketropolis, and music therapy sessions with Berklee College of Music, Music Therapy. There are also resources for our Music Therapy affiliates and the ukulele community at large.

Since 2021, UKC At Home had 125 new signups! We now have 25 free UKC Academy classes taught by 16 teachers to over 581 students!

The Ukulele Project

Ukulele Project UK

The Ukulele Project UK is a community interest company whose mission is to use the ukulele to bring people together, build communities and combat loneliness. Working in partnership with Scotland, Wales and South East Ukulele Projects collectively we are known as The Ukulele Project. We provide resources and support to teachers and community leaders, we run teachers’ workshops and classes for community groups face to face and online.

We believe the ukulele to be the perfect instrument to bring people together and help to combat loneliness which is why our profits are used to donate ukuleles to schools and community groups.

We are super grateful for your support in helping us combat loneliness one ukulele at a time!