UkeTV Episode 1 (Part 2): Behind The Artist Roundtable

Welcome to part 2 of the premiere episode of UkeTV where I discuss ‘ukulele-related topics with people from all different areas of the ‘ukulele industry. In the 2nd part of this episode, I continue the discussion with the most incredible group of world-class ‘ukulele artists:

Taimane Gardner –    / @taimanemusic  
Andrew Molina –    / @andrewmolina  
Herb Ohta Jr. –    / @herbohtajr_videos  
Brittni Paiva –    / @brittnipaiva  
Jake Shimabukuro –    / @jakeshimabukuro  
Bryan Tolentino – 

We dive into a number of different topics with the goal of learning more about these legendary artists and people including the influences and experiences that helped to shape where they are today. With so much amazing information and conversation, this initial episode has been broken out into two parts. Part 2 will release on April 7. 

A huge mahalo to Brittni, Jake, Herb, Bryan, Taimane, and Andrew for their willingness to come on this first episode! Also a big shout out to Isaac Peters of Ukulele Lab ( for his amazing video and production work! And, finally, a thank you to Michael Grande for the use of his recording studio!

You can watch below, but please visit to subscribe!

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