UkeTV EP13: Between The Strings with Jay Lichty

First, apologies for the 2-week absence in episodes! I was on vacation and then tied up with getting caught-up and work. I’m back and on track with the weekly episodes now, so…..Welcome to episode 13 of UkeTV!

This week, I have a great conversation with master luthier Jay Lichty who is a legend in the ukulele world! Jay has been building ukes and guitars for about 20 years now, and his quality in craftsmanship and customer service are second to none!

Jay and I spend time talking about the very unique way in which he got started building ukuleles and his approach to things. We also spend a fair amount of time talking about the news he announced this week about that fact that he is no longer taking custom orders and will be focused on building specific instruments that he himself envisions. These instruments will be made available for purchase, but they won’t be orders that are designed by others. Lastly, we spend some time discussing The Ukulele Kids Club organization that both Jay and I are on the Board of Directors for.

Links to Lichty Guitars and additional content are below:

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