UkeTV Episode 8: Between the Strings with Kristen Souza of Kanile’a Ukulele

Welcome to episode 8 of UkeTV! This week I have a different and very interesting conversation with Kristen Souza of Kanile’a Ukulele where we focus on the Reforest Hawaii project that she and Joe started years ago. 

In this episode, we talk about how the reforest project came to be, the goals, the types of endemic trees and plants are being planted, what all is involved in the day-to-day, how you can get involved, and what’s coming down the line. And Kristen does it all with their 96-acre forest in the background, and we even get a bit of a tour! There are a few times where the image gets a little blurry while the network settles, but it’s so worth it to see everything that Kristen was kind enough to show us! 

This is completely different than any episode I’ve done to date, and it’s so cool! This topic is so critical not only to the future of koa trees, but to Hawaii’s ecological system as a whole! 

Links to the Reforest Project and Kanile’a: 

Reforest Hawai’i Website:
Kanile’a Ukulele Website:
YouTube:    / @uc-kptx-7qicfxb_…  
Ola Ka ‘Aina CD:…

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